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We offer Superior Customer Service that develops Trust and Loyalty.  Our linens are 1800 Tread Count and we guarantee their quality.


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Guide to Buying Sheets

How to choose sheets that are soft, comfortable and long-lasting. Trying to settle on a set of sheets? Understanding some basics about the fabrics they’re made of will help you compare labels wisely and make a smart choice.

Comparing Sheets 101: Don’t Get Swindled by Thread Count

These days, everyone likes to brag about the thread count of their sheets: hotels, bedding stores, decorators and designers, all those celebrities with bedding lines on the shopping channels… But did you know, when it comes to the best pair of sheets, it’s not just about thread count?

A Look At Microfiber Sheets vs. Cotton Sheets

Microfiber Sheets Microfiber sheets are made from finely woven strands of silky material and polyester. They are very soft to the touch but are made in a machine rather than from natural ingredients. Some different styles of microfiber sheets may even consist of finely ground wood pulp or recycled material.

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